Baron Arjhan's Plot

discovering what Baron Arjhan was up to

After coming back to Baron Arjhan’s home, he celebrated with a banquet. Elsinora snuck away while the others made small talk. She charmed a guard and told him to bring the party back here in a few hours. He did as he was told and in a few hours the party went into the Baron’s library and uncovered a secret passage behind a humongous picture of the Baron. The party fought several guards, looted some gems, and found papers that had proof of Baron Arjhan’s service to Ralth. The letter said that they were almost ready for stage two. The party escaped the Baron’s house, found Them and traveled to Neir on horseback. There the king thanked the party and Them for uncovering Baron Arjhan’s plot. However the Baron escaped across the border to Ralth.



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